Allocated gold, the most secured way to own gold!

Despite common thinking that gold in your possession is the most secured way to keep, history has shown how allocated gold in foreign secured vaults is the most secured way to own gold instead, and here are few different scenarios, historically having proved the case.


1938, Mr Klein had allocated gold in Switzerland, the Nazis were closing in to his village, he was concerned, his family in Canada was safe and he wanted to join them… however, the soldiers arrived earlier, despite being a good man, Mr Klein was killed by a stray bullet during the conflict, his home and all of his documents were burned.

Years later his family tried to retrieve the Gold, they knew Mr Klein had gold in Switzerland, they hired a lawyer and after a couple of years his account was found, the Bullion Vault after some legal considerations agreed to return the Gold fortune to his rightful family, by then the Gold fortune was valued at 15 million dollars.



1939, Mr Weissmann had gold in his possession at his home in Poland, the Germans were coming to his town, but he was assured that Gold was hidden, he was just a farmer so no harm would be done to him, and no one except his kids that were abroad knew of the existence of it. The Germans arrived! In hours Mr Weissmann was dead…

Years later his family tried to retrieve the Gold in Poland, just to find out that the old Weissmann farm was completely destroyed by the war… the gold fortune was gone forever.



1987, Mr Walsh had gold in his possession, he lived on his farm away from his adult children in a quiet area of the Country. Despite everything in life Mr Walsh had a weak heart, and eventually Mr Walsh died of a heart attack alone. After the funeral, his sons tried to retrieve the gold that Mr Walsh was always talking about and topping up with regular purchases from a local Gold dealer, despite all their attempts of finding the Gold in the house, they were unable to find it… They searched the whole property, they actually found a pile of gold purchase receipts in the office, proving the acquisition of more than 15 kilos of gold, but they couldn’t locate it… They searched every single part of the old house and the large land the property had, they even hired professional metal detector teams to find it, but somehow Mr Walsh’s hidden gold proved to be too well hidden after all… and Mr Walsh’s sons had to give up the search after spending a fortune themselves trying to find the hidden gold.

Years later, Mr Walsh’s sons ran into bad debt, and despite their deceased father’s wishes, they had to sell the old farm, without ever finding Mr Walsh’s hidden gold that was then lost forever.


South America

2000, Mr Cortez had gold in an allocated account in Europe, his family also knew about it. Mr Cortez mansion was invaded by a local militia trying to acquire valuables for their cause, by violence means. They threatened Mr Cortez, and he told them everything, including the existence of his Gold account in Europe… but the Robbers couldn’t take gold from an allocated account in Europe… so they left the property with the silverware instead. Mr Cortez was wounded but alive and he later was rescued. Months after Mr Cortez recovered from the ordeal, and eventually decided to move abroad, he was financially sound with his foreign allocated Gold account that would ensure his prosperity.



2003, Mr Hurt living in Australia had allocated Gold in a reputable secured vault in a big city, Mr Hurt loved flying across the Aussie landscapes on his private plane, despite his vast experience, Mr Hurt suffered a crash and died. After the funeral, his family started the process of dividing Mr Hurt’s wealth, and eventually they found documents showing that Mr Hurt had allocated gold in one of the World’s most renowned vaults, they then contacted the allocated Gold vault that requested some legal documentation to prove that Mr Hust was deceased, and after a couple of months of process the Gold was released to the family.



2012, Mr Girard, a French resident, had family in North America, and he decided to move closer to his relatives in the New World. He then sold everything he had in France, except his gold coins and bars collection… he was keeping it as an insurance as well. So he then decided to travel with it, after all it was only one kilo of Gold roughly, so he packed the gold into his suitcase and boarded the place. Upon the arrival at the airport in America, the NSA went through his belongings, just to find the gold stack. The Gold then was confiscated as a possible means to fund terrorists, despite some explanation the Gold stayed in custody. Sometime later Mr Girard hired a lawyer to retrieve the gold, the lawyer himself cost already a small fortune, after a couple of months the judge agreed upon releasing the Gold back to Mr Girard with one condition, that Mr Girard would prove the ownership of the gold…the problem was that Mr Girard’s gold, was inherited from family, without any paper trace of ownership. Mr Girard never retrieved his gold.


South Africa

2015, The Boer family had gold in their possession in their estate, robbers entered the Boers property, killed the guard dogs and got inside. Mr Boer was calm and knew no one in the house knew where the Gold was, the secret was written in a Bank safe box in the city if something happened to him, but the robbers knew well that the estate was hiding more wealth that the eyes could see. So the robbers tortured Mr Boer and after a couple of hours they found the gold… Because Mr Boer lied to them to begin with they decided unfortunately to kill him anyway… his family never retrieved the lost wealth.



When talking about liquidation, we again have to favor allocated gold, allocated gold in foreign reputable vaults can be liquidated in minutes today, on the other hand, physical gold in your possession can be a problem.

  • If you have some hidden gold at your property but you need to sell it, where are you going to sell it? How will the buyers pay you? Are you sure that buyers are going to pay? What if the buyers know your address… can they be trusted?
  • What if the place you have your hidden gold can be seen by others, will you risk trying to access it and eventually showing the location?
  • Will you sell your gold by post? What if it disappears in the mail?
  • Will you drive with it instead? What if the police stops you… can the Gold be confiscated?
  • What if you need to move to another country, can you take your gold with you? Will you sell your gold before moving out just to buy it again at the new location?
  • What if the property or hidden place where the gold is kept is destroyed by a natural disaster? Such as a flood or an earthquake?
  • What if a family member or a friend knows that you have some gold? Can you trust them? Are you sure they will not poison you just so they can rob you?
  • What if your property is invaded? Will you not tell the burglars about the Gold? What if you are tortured?
  • If you tell no one about the gold, how will your family know about it in case you suddenly die?

There are too many variables and things that can go wrong when holding gold on your possession despite popular views.


Final considerations

Somehow throughout the years, reputable allocated Gold vaults appear to be a safer way to keep gold, usually spared by national turmoil or wars, and seem to resist time better than physical gold in someone’s possession. It is impossible to quantify how reliable each one of the methods of owning gold are throughout history. However without a doubt, keeping gold on your own possession is a bad idea, history is full of examples of that.

Chances are, Gold kept in a strategically located and reputable allocated Gold vault will be there when you need it, one of the main reasons perhaps is that the wealthiest and most powerful, the elite on the planet also use the same services, and at the end of the day the elite is in control of things and no matter which political party will govern tomorrow, most services that the elite rely on will not change as much as for the common men.



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