World's citizen, sovereign national.

"It's not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for." - Robert Kiyosaki

International investor, to a sovereign national and global citizen


What is a global citizen?

A global citizen or a sovereign national, is an individual that seeks freedom from government control and constrains. It’s a way of life in fact, some say that a global citizen is an individual with a permanent travel status, residing wherever is more advantageous and welcoming. An individual that usually means business and is involved in business across boarders, that has a multinational assets portfolio and favors markets with less restrictions and taxation.

Being a sovereign national is being in control of oneself, and in ownership of your own sovereignty, it’s being comfortable with different cultures and ways to do things, it’s an urge to seek routes to thrive without limitations.

Individuals with an international mind, offer their families more quality life, they are more culturally enriched, they are masters travelers. Also, being able to make the most of the privileges offered elsewhere means maximizing investment opportunities by having access to a wider range of unrestricted business possibilities. That allows global citizens to retain a better control of their wealth in terms of inheritance taxes, capital gains, corporate taxes etc.

Additionally, global citizens are less likely to be victims of political and economic instabilities of a particular Nation and at the same time gain more personal privacy and security from violence, unfair discrimination or prosecution so common in many countries across the World.

Being an international or sovereign citizen gives you the benefit of choice where to study, work, retire, access health care, etc.


Moreover, a global citizen is a leader, a innovator, a fearless individual that seek success where the financial and overall environment is more favorable, where he is welcome and appreciated!

Properties abroad, why you should think about it.

Investing in international properties is wise, it helps you diversify some Wealth and hedge capital against unforeseen economic difficulties. It can also serve as secondary homes in your quest of Global citizenship, and gives your family a strategic base abroad for a future business expansion.

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Give yourself a chance, don’t let them control you!

Why limit your possibilities under one government? The World has plenty of examples of very bureaucratic systems, that by a life of taxation and control diminishes peoples opportunities. Why become just another servant of inefficient States? Stay above that, become a Global Citizen and own your life and future.

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Why you should have a second passport.

There are a multitude of reasons favoring multinationals, however to simplify imagine that being a multinational individual is like to have the keys to different doors, in which can be used as emergency exits in bad times. If all you have as exit is one door, if it blocked you could face difficulty. Equip yourself for a unlimited World of opportunities!

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Alternative assets abroad

Gold is a foundation asset, a strategic reserve and all investors should have some. Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular as alternative assets, and should be also considered. Most important is keeping these assets abroad and avoid control if possible.

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Foreign markets, amplify your returns.

Investing in stocks abroad is not as complicated as many think, many foreign markets are offering tremendous returns. There are several advantages in being invested in other stock exchanges as opposed to one national financial market.

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Seek safer and welcoming lands.

Violence, backwards laws, high taxes. Connect with nations that favor you, your family, your wealth. There are tremendous welcoming places to be discovered, happiness is not bound to a place but the opportunities that it maybe offer.

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