Bureaucracy and limitations, don't let it hold you back!

Protect your interests from the chaos around you.

Defend your identity against unfair discrimination or threats, don’t be bound to only one Nation umbrella, instead open options for you and your wealth to flourish in favorable places.

As we are all getting watched more and more closely, and with some governments becoming more intrusive, gaining a bit of financial confidentiality can really be a breather and offer a peace of mind.

Governments want ever more to know more about your affairs, to control and tax your money more than ever!


How to avoid over taxation and bureaucracy legally?

All your affairs, your money, all your life is under a scrutiny of the authorities. People are made to believe that this is the right way to be and discouraged from trying to think outside of the box because that’s going to look illegitimate, and you are going to be perceived as not acting in accordance with the accepted standards.  

The truth is, the government has always been conditioning its citizens to be obedient in the name of patriotism. Being a good citizen and supporting the growth of your country should be everybody’s ultimate goal throughout their whole lives. Because that is the way to your own happiness and wellbeing. But does that mean being forever under scrutiny of the government and subject to the never ending directives of the administration? Or is there another, smarter path to prosperity? A way that could let you retain your freedom and expand your horizons, without the ugly feeling of being the bad guy?

You have to realise that there are different attitudes of different governments and what you are used to in your country is not necessarily how it is in other nations. There are surely countries with a lot worse systems in place but equally, there are places where people can enjoy a lot more autonomy. By tapping into the more favourable system, you can discover a whole new world in front of you. Things that in one place are unthinkable of, are the norm elsewhere. An example of this can be bureaucratic systems – a part of our lives that so many dread only to think about. One might believe that the paperwork is necessary, that it’s a tool which allows for things to be under control, to be organised in a manageable way. However, in practice, in many countries, bureaucracy means a lot of confusion, wasted time, lack of clarity and flaw. In fact, bureaucracy these days is linked with corruption as it can become the means to pursue private interests. This has been a particularly common phenomenon in developing countries. Many of the top officials there enjoy their lives a lot more than the average people. They have access to many more facilities, their families take advantage of everything that’s best out there. 

So is the bureaucracy to blame for that? Is it the cause of this matter? Would eradicating it help to solve the issue? Well, we certainly do need bureaucracy, to some extent. Keeping records is indeed crucial if we want to make sense of things and stay organised. However, we need a smart model of it. By simplifying procedures and making them user friendly, the system promotes individuals and their welfare instead of just feeding its own demand to fulfill requirements of certain organs. So the clever thing to do, instead of fighting the eternal battle, is to move to become a part of a more welcoming system, where the paperwork is in place to make things easier and not the other way round. 

Nothing prevents you from residing in a different Country than your business headquarters, and getting paid as an employee in yet another Country where you are a tax resident, why limit yourself?

Avoid over taxation and bureaucracy

Go where you are appreciated, avoid bureaucratic Countries.

Move your business headquarters and become a resident in Countries where you and your capital is welcome.

Become resident in a country that has lower or no income tax

You don’t need to live in a Country all year long to be a tax resident there, if you choose it to be your main residence.

Operate your business in a low corporate tax country

You don’t need to be a tax resident in the same jurisdiction that your businesses operate.

You don’t need to own everything personally

Have a business that owns most of your assets, and manage your personal finances as an employee.