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Why having a second passport is a must these days?

Throughout history, multi-passport holders have always seemed to have advantages over the ones with a single nationality, they just have more options. When comes to entanglements and unexpected situations, a second citizenship can be a difference between a new life and ruin.

More importantly, having a second passport gives its holders an extra insurance against corrupted or authoritarian Governments, or unexpected revolutions. History has shown that Governments can change for worse very quickly, and usually the citizens are the ones who suffer from it, with the consequences including revolutions or socialist takeovers, wealth confiscation, torture, humiliation, or even worse, deaths. With a second passport individuals have better chances to escape unfavorable situations that may pose serious threat to their or their families’ safety and way of life.

Escape disadvantageous government restrictions and avoid unnecessary taxes. Wealth spread across national boarders is more difficult to be tracked. Make the most of what is legally available today and reduce unnecessary constraints and costs with few smart steps.

Another nationality can offer new horizons and opportunities. Look for welcoming lands, that appreciate your capital and favor your development, a second passport can be the key to untapped great possibilities and a new life of prosperity for you and your family.


Being able to move beyond national boarders using a second passport if needed is priceless!



Which passport is the best?

There are several points to take into consideration when deciding about the most favorable second citizenship you can obtain.

The following questions could help to narrow down which option is the best one for you:

  • How easy is it to obtain?
  • Do I have the rights to another citizenship already under my family ties?
  • Can I obtain my desired citizenship through investment schemes such as Golden visa and other ones?
  • Do I have the right capital to apply for a Golden Visa type of residency scheme that can lead to a citizenship?
  • Do I speak the language of the desired nationality I am after?
  • Am I ethnically connected with the Nation I am looking to become a citizen of, which possibly could make things easier?
  • Do I have a long time strategy to obtain the desired nationality?
  • Do I like the culture and customs of the new hosting nation which I desired to be a national of?
  • Does the new nationality and passport give me a better status than the one(s) I currently hold?


The least favorable countries for second citizenship!

If you are planning to obtain a second nationality that may facilitate foreign investments and help you excel in an international life without much government restrictions and control, we think top countries should be avoided.

Looking for a more neutral nationality is a better move for those who consider themselves free thinkers and desire to be less fiscally controlled or restricted by the government. For example due to the international issues against Russia, life for a Russian national investor in Europe or North America could be challenging. On the other hand, a Maltese or Portuguese national would have less constraints doing business elsewhere.

The following countries are less favorable as a secondary nationality in our opinion. However, we do not, in any way, suggest these nationalities are inferior to others:

  • USA
  • UK

Each one of those countries above has specific reasons that we regard as adverse for a secondary citizenship, however, if you happen to have access to any one of these as a second citizenship, it could potentially serve as steeping stone towards another nationality, that can be derived from it. For example if you have a French nationality by descent, but you would prefer to have a Portuguese citizenship for financial reasons, this could be obtained by becoming a resident in Portugal for at least 5 years. That would make you legible to apply for a Portuguese citizenship due to EU treaty rights.

To compile our list, we considered the fact that an individual might want to develop strong ties with the new country, either business or leisure, or simply reside in the new place for some time. For that reason some countries were selected into our list as places to avoid due to the high level of violence or bureaucracy.


Stay off the radar, become less target and get tax incentives.



Where to start?

To begin with, you can start checking if you already have the right to a second citizenship under your own family by descent, research your history. Often individuals have access to a second nationality without actually realizing this fact.

Golden visas or economic citizenship programs are the easiest way to obtain a nationality without a lot of red-tape, basically if you have the means, things are easier for you. Investing in Business or properties can give you a temporary residency visa, that can later lead to other permanent visas or even directly to a citizenship status at some stage.


A second passport can be seen as an insurance against unforseen Government break down that may threaten your way of life.

Easier to go around, less control and taxes

Multi nationals has more options when comes down to international business or simple travelling, are less exposed to government controls and taxes. In as multi-connected World, one doesn’t need to be locked in a limited nationality whatever reason it maybe.

More advantages, quality and opportunities in life

Take advantage of the privileges that an additional nationality can offer, giving you and your family more alternatives where to study, work, access health care and retire.

Succession strategies, your family’s future

Success is not a chance but a choice, empower your family and descendants to be international investors and global citizens. Our next generation can become more prepared if we equip them with the right mind set and structure to grow.

Broaden your horizons and access a bigger World.

Don’t stay restricted under a single nation, give yourself options and expand your possibilities. A second passport can empower you to achieve more and most important can give you options in difficult circumstances.

Examples of favorable Countries to obtain residency or Nationality

Residency in most of these countries is easier and offer advantages, citizenship is also available with specific requirements for each particular case, most of the times however, it could take 5 years or more before you are ready to obtain a citizenship once the residency is established.

British Virgin Island
Costa Rica

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