Peace of mind is priceless, most important be welcome.

Safer, welcoming, modern and good for business, does it exist?


More important than investing abroad only for the possible returns, is to have peace of mind that you will be able to benefit from your ventures. A safe environment is priceless, no matter which business you will endeavor, the Nation you will be investing in has to be welcome to you, has to appreciate your capital and provide basic conditions for the business. An smart investor expects the hosting country to offer a secured environment, low taxes and stable Economic environment.

There are several very welcoming lands today in the World for investors that want to experience an international life, that favors global citizens. These safe harbors some time don’t come cheap, however we can mention couple that are available to most, and offer all the good qualities you expect from a prosperous Nation.

To mention few, Portugal, Georgia, Uruguay, Singapore, Malaysia, Costa Rica, British Virgin Islands, are example of Nations that value foreign investors, offering citizenship programs and resident visas depending on what investors will be interested in. These nations are considered very safe in a World scale and most highly developed.

If you decide to experience a life of opportunities and seek to become a Global citizen, make your research, and choose what makes sense, major Western countries today despite the popular view, are not Welcoming societies, and most likely will not treat you well, the top economy countries are suffering from mass immigration, economic stress and excess of public debt, so definitely don’t have the structure to welcome new comers. Instead look for less known destinations, with high income per-capita, good infrastructure, good education, free society, Western values, good for business, profitable property market.


Don’t follow the herd, make your own way


Everybody likes the feeling of being comfortable about their lives, having a well-established work environment that makes the daily undertakings nice and easy because predictable. Being able to manage better what you are familiar with, leads to happiness and reassurance that all’s good the way it is, and we can simply continue in our circle of every day schedules that are easily anticipated and therefore easy to handle. This attitude, so common among so many of us, leaves only one reservation.

By confining yourself to your comfort zone and limiting yourself to a certain known scenario, you restrict yourself from ever being able to be and do more, to experience something different, to give yourself the chance to develop and succeed beyond your means. The concept of going where you’re treated best is an invitation to make the most of your life, to try and explore other possibilities that turn out to be much better for you to live, for your family to be happy, for your business to thrive like never before. We often undermine prospects for something better simply because we tend to think it’s not for us, it’s too difficult, it’s too much hassle. However, the truth is, it’s the risk takers that take the advantages of what’s available out there, they look for and select the most favorable conditions that allow them to prosper. Maybe, with a bit of effort, you can make your money go much further, maybe there are places where investing a fraction of your portfolio would bring much better returns, maybe there are countries with a lot less relaxed tax system, a lot less bureaucracy to go about and a lot more welcoming for investors.

In times of economic instability, it’s crucial to consider options that will provide you with a protective shield that you can extend to your family and future generations. It can be an exciting opportunity to the door of freedom of being accepted, having the unconditional right to your own ideas and all that within an unspoiled sense of safeguarding for you and your family.



Wherever you choose to go to achieve your dreams, being welcome is a must!